what preparation i do for iit/aieee 2010 from now

what preparation i do for iit/aieee 2010 from now


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Ramesh V
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Preparing for Mathematics

In IIT – JEE 2010 Exam, mathematics section contains simple, stereotypical questions, challenging and complex problems. So you should be able to solve both types of questions To solve these types of questions, you should draw a sketch or diagram from the provided data and write the appropriate symbols and equations. By doing so, you can easily solve the problem. During the examination hall, you should try to solve simple questions first and solve the difficult one later. You can also attempt mock test papers that you can easily find on the various websites.

Preparing For Chemistry

In the Chemistry section, there are questions on three branches i.e. physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. These questions are multiple choice questions in which more than one correct answer may correct. It also contains reasoning type questions that involves two statements that have to be correlated with each other. Only one answer is correct in these types of questions.

Preparing For Physics

In this section, there are multiple choice questions with more than one correct answer. You should learn all the definitions and formulas in each chapter. Try to understand the assumptions that are involved in deriving a formula. You should write down important formulas in the separate notebook and before the day before of exam, you should carefully review the chapters and recall the formulas and laws in each chapter. The best books recommended for the physics paper are fundamentals of physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker, Advanced level physics by Nelkon and Parker and Physics for Class XI and XII by NCERT.




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