books for isi stat and cmi math

books for isi stat and cmi math


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Ramesh V
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ISI publishes a book called ‘Test of Mathematics at the10+2 Level’, containing many sample questions and previous years’ papers.
Another helpful book is ‘501 Difficult Problems’ by Rajkumar RoyChaudhuri.
Books for Mathematics Olympiad also help,
and if you have reached International Mathematics Olympiad get direct admission.

As you may be preparing for IIT/NIT, that shld help a lot , as I myself got selected for interview at ISI kolkata eventhough I made it to IIT.


chennai mathematical institute;

For admission to Chennai Mathematical Institute

You can follow these as suggetsed by experts:
1. V. Krishnamoorthy, C.R. Pranesachar, K. N. Ranganathan, B.J.Venkatachala: Challenge

and Thrill of Pre-College Mathematics, New Age International Publishers.
2. M.R.Modak, S.A. Katre, V.V. Acharya: An Excursion in Mathematics, Bhaskaracharya

Pratishtan (Pune).
3. D. Fomin, S. Genkin, I. Itenberg: Mathematical Circles: Russian experience, Universities

Press (Hyderabad) 1998.
4. H.S. Hall, S.R. Knight: Higher Algebra.




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