How good a institute is iist?

How good a institute is iist?

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Ramesh V
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12 years ago

Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology – Thiruvananthapuram offers programmes in
B. Tech (Avionics Engineering), B. Tech (Aerospace Engineering), B. Tech (Physical Sciences) is the best in India having best infrastructure.

It depends on what you want. The goal of IISTs is to focus on science and produce good scientists. If you have a choice between these institutes, you are a pretty good student. Whatever you do seriously you will be successful. Be confident of that. Heck, even graduates of private colleges in backwater towns get jobs.

BUT I HEARD THERE IS A BOND AT IIST,where after completing course in IIST you have to work for 5 years may be in ISRO, with low payment and space technology is a very limited field also.

If anyone who wants to go for IIST just for the sake of joining a tech./sc. institute , dont join in IIST ,

better go for engg. coleges like NITs/IITs




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