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May i know , if there are any qualifying marks in each subject in BITSAT ? if yes please explain in detail

May i know , if there are any qualifying marks in each subject in BITSAT ? if yes please explain in detail


5 Answers

Roshan Mohanty
64 Points
7 years ago

No there is no subject wise cut off
but there is some overall cut off . .
lyk for example 290 for bits,pilani
lyk that

Gud luck

Dnt forget to approve :) 

pratiksha agarwal
46 Points
7 years ago

cutoff marks will be displayed after the bitsat exams are over if for help you have to see the cutoff for 2012 then visit the site of bitsat it has clearly mentioned for which subject how much marks are needed .

 please approve it

Vishal Dad
20 Points
7 years ago

yes , for u need to score atleast above 300 for bits pilani and above 275 for goa and hyderabad

43 Points
7 years ago

There is no cut off marks for bit sat exam but there is cut off for board exam i.e., for maths physics and chemistry

there should be 60% marks in board examinations.

And to get a seat in bits pilani there should be a min.of 295 marks(getting required branch is independent of u)

but if u get mark of 330-360 u can select ur branch

43 Points
7 years ago
Degree programme at Pilani Campus Cut-off BITSAT-2012 score
B.E.(Hons.): Chemical 316
B.E.(Hons.): Civil 310
B.E.(Hons.): Electrical & Electronics 343
B.E.(Hons.): Mechanical 332
B.E.(Hons.): Manufacturing 303
B.Pharm.(Hons.) 260
B.E.(Hons.): Computer Science 356
B.E.(Hons.): Electronics & Instrumentation 331
M.Sc.(Hons.): Biological Sciences 285
M.Sc.(Hons.): Chemistry 294
M.Sc.(Hons.): Economics 311
M.Sc.(Hons.): Mathematics 300
M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics 302
M.Sc.(Tech.): General Studies 294
M.Sc.(Tech.): Finance 282
M.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systems 296

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