demonstrate an activity that shows the bluish colour of sky and the red colour of sun at sunrise or sunset

demonstrate an activity that shows the bluish colour of sky and the red colour of sun at sunrise or sunset


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anurag bhattacharjee
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11 years ago

IN the mornings of winter season,you can see red traffic lights or danger sign(through not very distinctly) standing far away from it because it is least scattered by fog or dust particles in it,s path and that,swhy the sun appears red with slight orange colour at sunset.

Besides this,sky colour is a very unique colour because it is not a single but a combination of 3 colours i.e"VIB" in the specturm VIBGYOR.Though there is not very specific experiment but you can try a little thing-see the reflected colour of the ray of light passing through a glass of milk mixed with water in dark.


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kishore kumar chinta
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11 years ago

when sun rays fall on water it reflects into the sky looks like blue

yaswanth kumar madugula
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11 years ago

1.Of the colours in the visible spectrum of light, blue has a very short wavelength, while red has the longest wavelength. When sunlight passes through the atmosphere, the blue wavelengths are scattered more widely by the oxygen and nitrogen molecules, and more blue comes to our eyes. This effect is called rayleigh scattering  after lord layleigh the British physicist who discovered it. It was confirmed by Albert Einstrin in 1911.

2.Near Sunrise and Sunset most of the light we see comes in nearly tangent to the Earth''s surface, so that the light''s path through the atmosphere is so long that much of the blue and even green light is scattered out, leaving the sun rays and the clouds it illuminates red. Therefore, when looking at the sunset and sunrise, you will see the colour red more than any of the other colours.

3.The sea is seen as blue for largely the same reason: the water absorbs the longer wavelengths of red and reflects and scatters the blue, which comes to the eye of the viewer. The colour of the sea is also affected by the colour of the sky, reflected by particles in the water; and by algae and plant life in the water, which can make it look green; or by sediment, which can make it look brown.

         This is my brief inturdection about Why the sky colour is blue sir.

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