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In class 10 my maths +science total is 90+89=179. i just want to ask that m i eligable for IIT exam ?

In class 10  my maths +science total is 90+89=179.

i just want to ask that m i eligable for IIT exam?


2 Answers chandra sekhar
10 Points
11 years ago

Hi Karan,

As such there are no restrictions for IIT JEE on the basis of class 10 marks.

ITTJEE is only concerned about the 12 th class  marks.

Rohith Gandhi
24 Points
11 years ago

Dear Karan,

Firstly, eligibility for IIT exam is based on your 11th and 12th class percentages. So, you need not worry about your score of maths and science in your class 10.

so, it doesn't matter how much you get in class 10. All that matters is that how much you get in class 11 and class 12.

Secondly, If you want to know the eligibility scores for IIT JEE exam in class 11 and class 12 you can read the following details below,

For IIT JEE 2010, you have to get atleast 60% marks in aggregate in your board exams for 11th and 12th combined if you are an general category or OBC student. If you are SC or ST or physically disabled then, you need to score atleast 55% in your board exams for class 11th and 12th.


Please feel free to post as many doubts on our discussion forum as you can. If you find any question
Difficult to understand - post it here and we will get you the answer and detailed solution very quickly. We
are all IITians and here to help you in your IIT JEE preparation.

All the best karan !!!


Askiitians Experts

Rohith Gandhi P

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