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what is dry hcl gas and uses . what is dmg, DIBAL-H LIALH4,K2CR2O7, CRO3 , IMINE

what is dry hcl gas and uses . what is dmg, DIBAL-H LIALH4,K2CR2O7, CRO3 , IMINE


1 Answers

askIITians Faculty 747 Points
5 years ago
Dry HCl gas is essential for certain reaction types and can come in handy for making various saturated HCl solutions. Small amounts of HCl gas for laboratory use can be generated in a HCl generator by dehydrating hydrochloric acid with either sulfuric acid or anhydrous calcium chloride. Alternatively, HCl can be generated by the reaction of sulfuric acid with sodium chloride
Dimethylglyoxime is a chemical compound described by the formula CH3C(NOH)C(NOH)CH3. This colourless solid is the dioxime derivative of the diketone butane-2,3-dione (also known as diacetyl)
An imine is a functional group or chemical compound containing a carbon–nitrogen double bond, with the nitrogen atom attached to a hydrogen atom (H) or an organic group. If this group is not a hydrogen atom, then the compound can sometimes be referred to as a Schiff base. The carbon atom has two additional single bonds

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