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Grade: 11

I have completed my course of mathematics from r.d.sharma for class 11th now what should i do.Should i start my 12th course or something else 

10 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitiansExpert Milanshu
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nice to hear that you are preparing for JEE.

Now the problem which you are asking is faced by almost every student who is preparing for JEE seriously. So there is no need to panic about this problem.

for revision of the course that you have already done is very tedious task.

since so far what you have studied is mostly the part of 11th and little bit of 12th. And major part of course has to be completed by your coaching (assuming you are going for coaching).

Not so much of time left in your examination. So it would be better that you should start revising things.

So it is very important that you start doing you revision work daily but make sure that you first complete your daily work then go for revision. At this time 1 hour per day for revision is sufficient, along with your regular studies.

But it also very important that you give equal importance to each subject. If you havent do revision of physics or chemistry of 11th class, first do that one. Then after start revising course of 12th.


And slowly and slowly increase the no of hours for revision as the burden from your coaching come down.

Make sure you revise all the important concept in each subject.

for chemistry, specially for organic and inorganic, make sure that you keep on revising the course, mainly reagents, otherwise it will create a big problem at the end.

for more practice you can also solve these books:

best of luck for your exam


10 years ago
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