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How will be the flow of water from high concentration to low concentration medium through a semi permeable membrane

How will be the flow of water from high concentration to low concentration medium through a semi permeable membrane


2 Answers

dolly bhatia
200 Points
9 years ago

Osmosis is the movement of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane into a region of higher solute concentration, aiming to equalize the solute concentrations on the two sides.It may also be used to describe a physical process in which any solvent moves, without input of energy,across a semipermeable membrane (permeable to the solvent, but not the solute) separating two solutions of different concentrations.Although osmosis does not require input of energy, it does use kinetic energy and can be made to do work,

ali AskiitiansExpert-IIT
24 Points
9 years ago

Dear Utsav Bhatnagar,


It is natural property of any system to gain a position of lowest energy configuration. For water system in higher concentration region have higher energy than that in lower concentration region. So water flow from higher concentration to lower concentration.

  A second way to explain this phenomenon is to take pressure into account. You can easily figure out that in higher concentration region water is having higher pressure on it. So it flow to the region where it can feel low pressure. 


If you want to explain these phenomenon using mathematics because mathematics is language of physics, feel free to contact us. We will provide you our best. Because


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