advantage of vacuum diode over a general diode?

advantage of vacuum diode over a general diode?

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Adiodeis an electronic device that has two electrodes (conductors of electrical currents) arranged in such a way that electrons (subatomic particle having a negative charge) can flow in only one direction. Because of this ability to control the flow of electrons, a diode is commonly used as a rectifier—a device that convertsalternating currentinto direct current. (Alternating current is an electric current that flows first in one direction and then in the other. But alternating current fed into a diode can move in one direction only, thereby converting the current to a one-way flow known as a direct current.)

Vacuum tube diode.The working element in avacuum tubediode is a metal wire or cylinder known as thecathode. Surrounding the cathode or placed at some distance from it is a metal plate. The cathode and plate are sealed inside a glass tube from which all air is removed. The cathode is also attached to a heater which, when turned on, causes the cathode to glow. As the cathode glows, it emits electrons. The diode acts as arectifier, allowing the flow of electrons in only one direction, from cathode to plate.

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