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i got 289 in bitsat 2011. can i get any B.E branch Sir.

i got 289 in bitsat 2011. can i get any B.E branch Sir.

Grade:12th Pass

3 Answers

Mir Noaman Ali IIT-Roorkee
57 Points
9 years ago

yes you can get b.e.( branches but not in pilani campus will get them at hyderabad or goa ...PLEASE APPROVE MY ANSWER

Godfrey Classic Prince
633 Points
9 years ago

Dear yaswanth tavva,

Yes ! Certainly dear...

But you will not get any brnach @ BITS-Pilani but dont lose heart because you can make it to core branches @ BITS-Hyderabad & BITS-Goa with this great score !!


All the best !!

Please do not forget to give me a Thumbs Up by approving my answer by clicking on "Yes"  below..!!

divya porwal
18 Points
9 years ago

Smileu can get chemical in goa nd hyderabad. also some chances of civil at hyderabadLaughing

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