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should i use different books for same topic or single book for a particular topic?

should i use different books for same topic or single book for a particular topic?


2 Answers

sushant singh
66 Points
10 years ago

well sameer, 

 i must say u really asked a simple complex question whose answer depends on every individual basically,

there are some topics which doesnt give the right idea with one book reference, so we have to check with othere references and, similarly for the topics who gets easily understood by one reading are also there.

 So, i suggest you to decide what is best for your grasping power , how you are comfortable with the topics ...plan that ways

Tej Ray
96 Points
10 years ago

Dear Sameer,

I must advice you not to refer so many books of each subject.

You should refer one or two good books for each subject because many books will kill your time and you will quiet unable to finish your course in time.

It was proved before really.

So,you should refer NCERT books mostly in each subject and apart from that you should only one reference book as well.

Don't refer so many books please.

ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!Laughing

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