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ratnesh mishra Grade: 12
        I am going to tak admission in a college and i still want to prepare for IIT so how should i manage my time so that i can study both for iitjee as well as my college coz if i donot suceed in iitjee-2010 then atleast i wouldnot have wasted a year. i wanted to take a proper drop but my parents dont want me to take a risk so plz tell me how to study and manage my time and also tell the important topics for jee-2010 and and i am not joining any coaching institute please help

and thanks in advance
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

Abhishek Das
8 Points


i am in the same position(I am not a asiitian expert )..i also joined a private college(ECE stream) n wanna try next year JEE .

but yet dnt knw how to manage time when in college........

maybe 3 hrs for JEE and 3hrs for College would be enough


hope it helps

8 years ago
AskIITianExpert Srijan.iitd
8 Points

During my years of preparation i had devised a very wonderful way to prepare for jee in less time and especially if u dont have organised coaching available to you.

keep aside an hour from what ever time you choose for prepaing for jee.In rest of the time study according to your plan and in those one hours slove a big subjective type problem and without seeing the answer trying  yourself to justify your answer from searching out text books ,notes and whatever literature is available to you on that topic,but dont see the answer or solution till the end of the hour.the topic of the question may be anything random and even knowing from which chapter the question is asked is not neccessary and infact its better if you dont kno the sourse of question.This helps building confidence that you can solve any question from any chapter and also the revision work is done faster because one single subjective question can make you search various chapters at once and this process of searching from books and notes is really a great revision work.

once my teacher told me to just turn pages of the notes that i made i classes for just 15 min without even looking very searchingly..just turn pages!!! this leads to a formation of map in mind of what concepts you kno.When in exams you can then feel very comfortable playing with different methods and choosing the quicker and shorter mothod appropriate for tat problem!!!

I think this will help you!!!

8 years ago
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