what to chose between NIT NAGPUR-CS and BITS-hyderabad CS???and why?

what to chose between NIT NAGPUR-CS
and BITS-hyderabad CS???and why?

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13 years ago


NIT Nagpur should be preferred over BITS Hyderabad, as BITS Hyd is a relatively new institute as compared to NIT nagpur and BITS Hyd would take its time to establish itself as a good institute. On the other hand NIT Nagpur is already an established and recognised NIT.

NIT Nagpur is also among the top 25 T- schools in India as per outlook magazine fr the yr 2009. So, its a better institute than BITS Hyderabad at present and fr few more years until BITS Hyd establishes itself . So, my suggestion wud be going to NIT Nagpur as branch is nt an option to choose fr. U can see the outlook ranking frm the foll link  .

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11 years ago

Dear student,

Choose BITS hyderabad...

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All the best.

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