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sir,I got seat in NIT Patna(ECE) whether it is best or not , say good n bad things abt this pls

sir,I got seat in NIT Patna(ECE) whether it is best or not , say  good n bad things abt this pls


1 Answers

AskiitianExpert Shine
10 Points
12 years ago


NIT Patna might not be the most desired of NITs but ECE is surely the best one can get these days. ECE is one of the branches that give u a good placement and salary packages and a good future ahead.

Scope - Opportunities for employment exist in public sector and enterprises dealing with design, manufacture and application of electronic devices and equipment, radio and television, communication systems, radar and navigational aids, computer hardware and software, process control etc.

Although NIT Trichi , Warangal , Surathkal etc are much better NITs than Patna in terms of faculty, placement and infrastructure but NIT Patna is still one of the Nationally reputed institute. To get their placement details please follow the link .


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