(((I.T.))) VS DDIT NADIAD(( E.C.))


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AskiitianExpert Shine
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14 years ago


The scope for EC is much greater than IT . The placement also is better for EC engineers than IT.

Because electronics are indispensable to nearly everything we do, electrical technicians and technologists can be found in such diverse areas as manufacturing, where they help develop industrial equipment; medicine, where they help develop diagnostic devices; weapons and security systems where they help develop radar and sonar systems; and transportation and aeronautics, where they help develop navigational equipment.

Specific tasks include:

Helping electronic engineers design and test electronic equipment, including computers, communications equipment, industrial and medical equipment, and measuring or control devices

Assembling circuitry and building prototypes

Doing preventive maintenance, diagnosing problems, and doing repairs on electronic equipment and components

Drawing sketches to clarify design details

Electrical and electronics engineering technicians can work for electrical utilities, communications companies, manufacturers, the military, government, or in the processing and transportation industries.


IT engineers are finely paid too , but ece are still higher paid, so among these two options choose the better branch and go for ec in ddit nadiad.

askiitian expert akshay singh
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14 years ago


    i think u should choose i.t. at nirma ahmedabad,its a nice college,it won robocon  2002 a competion in which all the prestigous institutions take part including the IIT's and bits pilani etc.and every year it performs very well,the infrastructure and extra curricular activities  have great scope here.

   About the branch i would say,IT is a dominating branch and its placements go realy high compared to other branches.The IT department at NIRMA  is very well established.  Nirma Institute of Technology (NIT) a self financing institution, established in 1995 by the well-known philanthropist and industrialist Dr. Karsanbhai K. Patel, Chairman, Nirma Group of Industries, is a premier technical institution in the country.


The dedication and commitment with which the students and faculty have worked over the past seven years have paid rich dividends and this has made this institute the most preferred one among the student fratemity. The students have been consistently securing top ranks in university examinations.


The students are encouraged to participate in national and international competition / events and have won prizes. Placement of graduates has been noteworthy. Many have joined reputed institutions for higher studies in India as well as abroad, to name a few, UTs, DMs in India and Stanford, Purdue, SCU, NCSU, University of Pennsylvania, Michigan Arin Harbour, FAU in USA. Many have been placed in industries for jobs in companies like TCS, Tata Telecom, Telco, TVS, L&T, PCS, IPCL, MBT, Motorola, Nirmal Limited, ISRO, PIR etc. The institute has established Centre of Excellence in Information & Communication Technology where students work on real life problems to develop new products.

    so. i would definitely suggest you to choose NIRMA ahmedabad.

Aarsh Thakker
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8 years ago

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