what is surface waviness ?how it can be measure??

what is surface waviness ?how it can be measure??


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Surface Waviness is the measure of the more widely spaced component of surface texture. It is a broader view of roughness because it is more strictly defined as "the irregularities whose spacing is greater than the roughness sampling length"

The measurement of the waviness can be done with a variety of machine, such as a waveometer or a microtopographer. A waveometer uses a plastic tip that is connected to an electronic pickup which then measures the surface variations. The measurement is recorded as an electronic signal which is amplified and split into two signals: a high band and a low band. For measuring a ball bearing, the low band signal records variations that occur ever four to seventeen times per revolution and the high band signal records variations that occur seventeen to 330 times per revolution; the low band is the waviness. These bands are transmitted to an oscilloscope for analysis.

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