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how to measure the surface waviness of an job square in shape????

how to measure the surface waviness of an job square in shape????


1 Answers

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10 years ago


Surface waviness is the periodic component of surface texture. It arises most frequently from induced vibrations of a single-point surface generator, and when surface profiles are Fourier analyzed it usually occupies a spatial frequency band between those of surface form and roughness. Optical surfaces, such as metal mirrors or infrared (IR) optics, generated by single-point diamond turning, are often influenced to some degree by waviness. The periodic nature of such a surface results in diffraction of a reflected or transmitted beam, giving rise to multiple images rather than a single image when the beam is brought into a focus. A surface generated by the more common process involving area contact between the lap and the work surface is unlikely to suffer in this way. Polishing by the use of a flexible lap at speed can give rise to an orange-peel effect that can exhibit dominant spatial frequencies when Fourier analyzed. Similar patterns are sometimes seen on painted surfaces.


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