I wanted to know the registration process for Regional Mathematics Olympiad,Delhi

I wanted to know  the  registration process for Regional Mathematics Olympiad,Delhi


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Dear saksham,

The Regional Mathematical Olympiad is a state level examination, a stepping stone towards the national level examination, the INMO.

  • Who can appear for this test?

The RMO is meant primarily for students of Class IX--XII. As special cases, exceptionally talented students from Class VIII may be allowed to appear at the discretion of the Regional Coordinator.

Please note that the RMO is the first step in selecting the Indian team for the IMO! This requires special talent in problem-solving and interest in Mathematics. It is not meant for the average or even good student who does not have this.


  • What is the structure of the test?

    The duration of the RMO is 3 hours, and the number of problems is about 6 to 7.
  • How many are selected?

At present, each region selects 30-35 students for the INMO. At most 6 students are selected from Class XII.


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