are the conditions of new iit good enough to be compared with an nit

are the conditions of new iit good enough to be compared with an nit

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Askiitians Expert
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13 years ago

Dear Harshit,

You cant count the new IITs in comparision with the NITs as the latter are established much before and has a well planned system, administration,  management and experience in comparision to the new IITs. Opting for the new IITs might be a bit risky at this stage as now no one has the least idea about the faculties there and also placement in those college will take a bit of time till their first batch graduates. As they are mentored by the old IITs they also face problem with the facilities provided to them as they donot attend classes or labs with the students of the older IITs and and they have only limited hours for labs. They cant access to the full facilities one should get for his excellence.

Since as an IIT brand, it will maintain its standard in the coming years but its not sure how much time will it take for that. There are a quite number of NITs so one should opt for the top 10 NITs as we go lower standard of the college decreases. Though its not a good option but rather than going for NITs like Srinagar, Agartala, Patna, Silchar its better to opt for new IITs.

Thank you.

kunal aggarwal
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12 years ago


Govt. has started new IIT s with some thought.. regarding the facilities

Don't know about all the new IITs but yeah in IIT Hyderabad there are sports facilties (cricket, football, table tennis , lawn tennis, volley ball and hockey ) , one gym room dat is opened in the evening when the instructor comes.

Regarding the faculties... All new IITs are mentored by some old IIT but they have appointed their own faculties now in all departments and still more are being recruited. Mainly HODs are from mentor institute and all other faculties are their own now.

Regardin the access to facilities like labs and all..... u r completely free to work in the labs if u r doing a project or some research under a professor.. there is one energy research lab, one environmental research lab, dsd lab, fpga xilinx lab, computer lab, workshops (all the workshops dat we need are available on the campus..we need not go to any other IIT or institute for labs)..

yeah! u cant xpect nething abt the placement but can hope for the best! even now we are getting internships...we have started the undergraduate research projects from this year in our own campus...

if u further need any information regarding IIT HYDERABAD ask freely....

piyush chauhan
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11 years ago
is iit hyderabad the best among new iits
ab cd
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11 years ago

you dont have to be dubious about new iit and wht kind of infra and environment they have ,all the new iits have been fairly been set up and include every facility which any older iit  possess .i am a 3 rd year student of iit ropar (punjab) and i am satisfied with the kind of education we had in iit and one cant compare any new iit  with any nit or state college because  new iit have  far far beteer faculty then any  nit.

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