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pranjal gupta Grade: 11


thanks 4 ur advice but sir since i donot have net in home so i cant study online tats why i hav joined fiitjee coaching which is nearby my house i want to ask u tat wheather i should prefer regular week classes or weekend classes

8 years ago

Answers : (1)

AskiitiansExpert Milanshu
9 Points


it will be good if you join the regular classes in place of weekend classes.

regular classes will help you to have a day to day basis of revision and also they will help you to have in touch with studies.

but remember, while you are doing these regular classes try to extract some time and do a regular revision of the things that had already been taught in your coaching. the weekends would be good for these revisions.

now since, you are joining the weekdays classes it is very important that you do not hang any work for other day because in future time you wont get time for completing your pending work. The schedule for regular classes is generally very hectic but by time you will get used to it. And always try to maintain a time table and before doing any work first thing about the tasks you have to do in that day or week. and always try to follow your time table.

But in any case if join the weekend class, then make sure that you are doing your studies regularly, means daily. Dont leave the things on one day. try to maintain a good schedule.

8 years ago
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