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piyush malviya Grade: 12
        Sir  madam                   My name is piyush malvia and presently I am pursuing my 12th class from a mp state board (which is famous for its worst results) Till 10th STD I used to mug in order to get high marks I have a dream to be in iit and to come in merit list of board exams So after 10th STD I started understanding the concepts of science and maths rather than mugging them As a result of which I got 83 in 10th board After 10th STD I joined fiitjee (Bhopal) In the coaching, initially I was among the toppers of my batch but after some time I started getting lower positions 2 times I came in the last five out of 140 students In order to come in the top position I joined a private school and I didn't go there for the whole year, even I didn't take final exam But instead of this i came in the last five  Then I got promoted in 12th class, and due to some financial problems of my family i have to left fiitjee on the June of this year   Now I am free at my home and I have a computer with a wireless internet connection and following books 1) ncert 11th and 12th 2) A problem book by g n berman 3) Plane trigonometry by sl loney 4) Co ordinate geometry by s l loney 5) Hall and knight higher algebra 6) Organic chemistry by jagdamba singh 7) mtg interactive physics ( only 3 volumes ) 8) fiitjee study material except of 12th class 9) H c verma  10) halliday resnick walker 7th edition 11) Problems in general physics by i e irodov 12) Sears and zemansky universtiy physics young and freedman 13) Organic chemistry by francis a carey 14) organic chemistry by  morrison and boyd 15) Feynman lectures ( 3 volumes ) 16) p w  Atkins  physical chemistry 17) Organic chemistry by jonathan clayden 18) Calculus by thomas and finney 19) Calculus by  i a maron 20) arihant integral calculus 21) William feller probability (2 volumes)  THE FOLLOWING DATA DESCRIBES HOW MUCH I HAVE STUDIED TILL NOW IN EACH TOPIC    SCHOOL LEVEL                                  SCHOOL LEVEL                                  SCHOOL LEVEL                                    NOTHING STUDIED  + JEE LEVEL                                         + JEE LEVEL  + PRACTICE OF PROBLEMS                                                                    1) atomic structure                                1) laws of motion                                 1) fluids                                                   1)  circle 2) rotational motion                               2) work , energy and power               2) shm                                                      2) trigonometric equations 3) kinematics                                          3) conservation of momentum           3) gravitation                                         3) solutions of triangles 4) heat and temperature                        4) elasticity                                          4) waves                                                  4) s block elements 5) Ellipse                                                  5) parabola                                           5) series                                                   5) boron and carbon family 6) hyperbola                                           6) redox reactions                                6) trignometric functions                     6) electrophilic aromatic substitution 7) chemical kinetics                                                                                              7) straight line                                       7)  hydrokcarbon 8) chemical equillibrium                                                                                        8) quadratic equations                        8) thermodynamics ( physics)             9) general organic chemistry                                                                               9) binomial theoram                             AND REMAINING 12 TH SYLLABUS                                                                                                                                 10) Permutation and combination                                                                                                                                 11) stoichiometry                                                                                                                                 12) peridic properties                                                                                                                                 13) chemical bonding                                                                                                                                  14) gaseous state                                                                                                                                  15) ionic equillibrium                                                                                                                                  16) thermodynamics ( chemistry )      The following data is 100 accurate and it tells about how many hours I have spend in studies ?  MONTH        NO OF HOURS    NO OF HOURS                           I STUDIED            I STUDIED +                                                         5 HOURS OF COACHING  JUNE 2009         6                                 4  JULY  2009         45                              64 AUG  2009         55                              575 SEPT  2009        55                               44 NOV  2009         525                             44 DEC  2009          510                             325 JAN  2010          49                               310 FEB   2010         475                             56 MAR  2010        45                               25 APR  2010         425                             16 MAY  2010        45                              375 JUN  2010          425                             2                                                                                                   BUT STILL I BELIEVE THAT I HAVE THE GUTS TO CRACK IIT JEE WITH AIR - 1    Now please give the answers of my following questions (please give answers in a describing manner )  Q1) how should i do my self study?    Q2) as according to the following data, am I still capable of cracking jee with air 1 this year or should i take drop? If not then how many hours should I study?   Q3) should I join a reputed test series?  Q4) should I arrange my remaining fiitjee material?  Q5) is it necessary to join a coaching institute now?  Q6) PLEASE ORGANIZE A PERFECT SCHEDULE FOR MY SELF STUDY IN ORDER TO GET AIR -1 ( take the help of above given datas )  Q7) which books should I refer? Especially for inorganic and physical chemistry? And also for Mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, modern physics, algebra, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, calculus, vectors   Q8) since I am from mp board, am i eligible for Olympiads ? if yes then how can I enrol my name ?  
7 years ago

Answers : (1)

prakash pandey
33 Points

Starting Preparation For IIT JEE

The best time to start preparation is at the beginning of 11th class. Students are fresh after the break after boards and a lot more can be learnt. Students who start late often end up leaving some key topics of 11th class JEE syllabus. Also, if you start your preparation in 12th class then the amount of hard work is increased manifold due to additional pressure of 12th boards, so chances of getting a high rank in JEE are decreased. There is a big transition from the mugging up study of 10th class to more understanding based study of 11th class. So you shouldn't get bogged down by seeing the level of complexity in JEE exam.

The first two or three months should be spent in revising your basic concepts (topics like algebra, mecanics) which had been taught in 9th class. Concepts in topics like algebra, mechanics and stoichiometry should be studied in great detail as they also form the basis for other topics and are very scoring. There should be no doubt in your mind about these concepts. For these, develop the habit of inquisition. Clear all your doubts so that mentally you feel confident tackling any concept. A key in this area is problem-solving. Regular problem solving not only strengthens the concepts, but also increases your mental sharpness which is must for JEE.Initially problems of low level should be tried and only when you have mastered them, you should go on to solving intricate JEE type problems. You should have systematic plan for the preparation of JEE. Regular hours should be allotted to mastering concepts and problem-solving. It is not necessary to memorise the lessons and formulae. Understand the derivations of formulae and apply the formulae to solving problems. Slowly these formulae will settle down in your brain and you will be able to recall them under any situation. What is required is a clear understanding and an easy familiarity with the concepts and laws. Maximum attention should be paid to solving problems.Try to be analytical rather than being intutive. Remember that hardwork pays! You should first take up a problem and try to solve it yourself. You should understand what is given and what is required, recall what principles, laws, equations are involved. Don't hurry to see the solution as I doesn't help you to learn. Only when you've pondered over it over a long time and unable to see any light, should you see the solutions. You would be insulting yourself and seriously hurting your chances of success if you skip these problems or make half-hearted attempts in solving them. An other very important aspect of your JEE preparation will be the coaching institute, whose importance and selection procedure will be delved into in the next section.



7 years ago
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