how many time can attempt bitsat entrance exam

how many time can attempt bitsat entrance exam


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Vijay Luxmi Askiitiansexpert
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14 years ago

Dear Anil ,

Only those students who have cleared 10+2 board examinations in the previous year or are appearing for their board examinations in the current year are eligible for BITSAT. Students are also not allowed to give BITSAT twice in the same year.

Hence, a candidate can only appear twice for BITSAT – once in the year he or she give his or her 10+2 board examinations and again in the next year.

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Vijay Luxmi

Rylan Peroz
16 Points
11 years ago

Sir, I would like to know if it''s possible for me to answer my board exam once more as i did not get the required marks to qualify for BITSAT. My board is Goa board

Gandharv Agarwal
28 Points
8 years ago
Sir, i gave improvement in 2015 is it possible for me to reappear for bitsat?

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