I am studying in 10th standrad, i want to become a iitian

I am studying in 10th standrad, i want to become a iitian



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Kishore IIT Bombay
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12 years ago
Dear Shenker Kummari,
Very nice wanna become an 1st of all clear all the basic concpets and go for good coaching where u stay and study well work hard by clearing all the basic concpets and also be strong while preparing in Maths...and get very good material for clearing JEE..and practise well i mean after clearing all the beasic concpets just use that basic concepts to solve the problems...and work hard and u will surely ge..
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All the best..
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Anurag Mishra
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10 years ago

I study in 9th standard and i want to become an IITian..!! Whould be my preparations.? plzz suggest.!

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5 years ago
Good it is great time to start for preparation . it is very essy. take rest and focuse on your study. i recomemd a self study is best. first it is very inportant to become an iitian make your pcm mean physics chemestry and math great. do not wast your time you have a lot of time for prepare it.just cool down and i know you will become a great iitian. all the best anurag mishra

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