I wish to know which is a better career option chemical engineering or biotechnology

I wish to know which is a better career option chemical engineering or biotechnology


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13 years ago

Chemical engineering has been around for quite some time and chemical engineers have fairly established career options after graduation. Oil, FMCG and pharma companies are predominant recruiters. Bio tech is still in its nascent stage in India. In fact, most Bio tech professors are chemical engineers!!!
Bio tech is a good option if you plan to study abroad after graduation.

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13 years ago

Dear student,

Chemical engg is ofcourse a better choice...

Chemical Engineering is the apt career for those who have an aptitude and interest to work with chemicals. However Chemical Engineering is different from chemical technology. The former is concerned with the designing, supervision, construction, installation and operation of plants and equipments for manufacturing chemical products and developing new methods of production while the latter deals with the actual production of substances with new properties which require new methods of production in the fields of petroleum refining, fertilizer technology, processing of food and agricultural products, paints and dyes; recycling metals, glass and plastics; cosmetics, mineral based industries and prevention and control of environmental hazards.

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