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Plz explain Fluid pressure from gravity or acceleration ...

Plz explain Fluid pressure from gravity or acceleration ...


1 Answers

Vijay Luxmi Askiitiansexpert
357 Points
12 years ago

Hi Rekha ,

Pressure is a measurement of the force per unit area. Fluid pressure can be caused by gravity, acceleration, or forces in a closed container. Since a fluid has no definite shape, its pressure applies in all directions. Fluid pressure can also be amplified through hydraulic mechanisms and changes with the velocity of the fluid.

Fluid pressure from gravity or acceleration

The weight of a fluid can exert a pressure on anything underneath it. Also, the relative movement of a liquid or gas can apply a pressure.


Pressure is defined as force divided by the area on which the force is pushing. You can write this as an equation, if you wanted to make some calculations :

P = F/A


    *   P = pressure
    *   F = force
    *   A = area
    *   F/A = F divided by A

Pressure due to gravity

Since the weight of an object or material is equal to the force it excerts due to gravity,

An object can exert downward pressure due to its weight and the force of gravity. The pressure you exert on the floor is your weight divided by the area of the soles of your shoes. If the force is due to the weight (W) of the object, the equation is then: P = W / A

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