Convert Log (a+b) 200 to the base 2

Convert Log(a+b)200 to the base 2


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Vijay Luxmi Askiitiansexpert
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13 years ago

Hi Vivek ,

Convert  Log(a+b)200 to the base 2.


                                         Log(a+b)200   =  Log2200 / Log2(a+b)

The numerator can be calculated by converting the numerator to the base 10 or the base e.


                                      Log2200  =  ln200/ln2  =  7.6438562

                               The answer  Log2200 / Log2(a+b)  can also be written  7.6438562/Log2(a+b) .

Note that for this problem to be valid, the base (a + b) must be greater than zero.

pratik nayak
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12 years ago

hey vivek


                                         Log(a+b)200   =  Log2200 / Log2(a+b)

the above expression comes from change of base theorem

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