2x 3 -3x+1/2x 3 +3x 2 -11x-6.what is the method to find its linear factors.

2x3-3x+1/2x3+3x2-11x-6.what is the method to find its linear factors.


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Yash Baheti IIT Roorkee
askIITians Faculty 97 Points
9 years ago

The method goes like this. Look at the constant term first, one of the root is factor of 6, so +-1, +-2, +-3, +-6. One root is out of this and you have to check it. Now you have one root. If a is a root than x-a is a factor, divide the equation by x-a using long division method. You will get a quadratic as quotient. and we can easily factorize quadratic.

So x-a is one factor and two factor from quadratic. I.E. 3 factors.
It may happen that quadratic may not reduce into factors or the whole equation may have no roots.

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