what is calculus ??please explain it briefly.

what is calculus ??please explain it briefly.


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Jitender Singh IIT Delhi
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8 years ago
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Calculus is the mathematical study of change. It has two major barnches differential calculus (concerning rates of change and slopes of curves) and intergral calculus(concerning accumulation of quantities and area under and between curves). These two branches are related to each other by fundamental theorm of calculus.

This is very important topic ragarding JEE and other engineering exams. It is prerequirement of many topics in physics, chemistry and mathematics.
Sumit Majumdar IIT Delhi
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8 years ago
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Calculus is the branch of Mathematics which helps in computing results for dynamical systems. Calculus helps one in finding how one physical quantity varies as a function of the other one. Differential Calculus tells us as to how we can use mathematics to determine the dynamics of bodies. Integral Calculus tells us as to how microscopic motions can be projected to macroscopic conditions.

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