Evaluate the following. Lim x tends to infinity (x-x).

Evaluate the following. Lim x tends to infinity (x-x).


2 Answers

Vishal Kumar
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4 years ago
limit(x tending infinity) ( x - x ) 
firstly try to understand that it is not an inderterminant form.
the expression written inside is itself zero without applying limits . so the main question is to answer
limit(x tending to infinity) (0)
hence the answer simply comes out to be 0
this question is same like 
limit(x tending to infinity) ( x \ x )
here the answer would simply come out to be 1
25758 Points
4 years ago
Limit( xtending infinity) (x-x) = limit (x te ding infinity) 0 = 0.....hope it helps.... in case of any query please feel free to ask

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