(x+9)(x+1)/x+6 ≥ x

(x+9)(x+1)/x+6 ≥ x


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Askiitians Expert Mohit Singla
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13 years ago

Dear Nehal,

{(x+9)(x+1)/(x+6)} - x ≥ 0

{(x+9)(x+1)-x(x+6)}/(x+6) ≥

Expanding and solving we get


or 4(x+9/4)/(x+6)≥0

or (x+9/4)/(x+6)≥0

By wavy curve method x belongs to (-∞,-6]U[-9/4,∞)

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Jaskaran Singh
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11 years ago

I dont think that the answer would be frm - infinity to 6 (including six)....because if we include six then denominator would become 0...hence the answer would be not i can also be wrong....incase im wrong pls explain me the right answer

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