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PLZ tell me the reason the..... "Why infinity is equal to two times infinity ?" Thanks

PLZ tell me the reason the.....

"Why infinity is equal to two times infinity?"




2 Answers

Chetan Mandayam Nayakar
312 Points
9 years ago

the statement "infinity is equal to two times infinity" is technically invalid. Infinity is not a number at all, it is a limit. Infinity is that "quantity" such that all numbers are less than it. Infinity is the limit that is greater than ALL numbers. It is clear that two times infinity also possesses this characteristic.

Megha Ray
35 Points
9 years ago

basically infinty is a number no one knws of..... if yu sit to count till infinity. yu can go on 4evr!!!

not only two times infinity equals infinity, n times infinity also equals the same.

the point is we dnt have an xact value for infy , so alone infinity as well as infinity into infinity stand in the same position....(in kidddish language we can say uncountabe)

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