Lt. (tanx)^tan2x x->45

Lt.         (tanx)^tan2x 


3 Answers

Chetan Mandayam Nayakar
312 Points
12 years ago

first let x approach 45 from below: tanx <1 and tan2x→+∞,therefore left hand side limit is zero.

x approaches 45 from above: tanx >1 and tan2x→ -∞, therefore right hand side limit is zero

Therefore the answer is that the limit is zero.

sanchit sood
31 Points
12 years ago

this is not the answer.

aakanksha uday
30 Points
12 years ago
lt. (tanx)^tan2x x->45 = e^lt. (tan2x)(tanx-1) x->45 now calculate the limit of lt. (tan2x)(tanx-1) x->45 it is equals to (-1) ans. is e^-1=1/e

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