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Tushar Watts Grade: 12

Ques1) From a fixed point P on the circumference of a circle of radius a , the perpendicualr PR is drawn to the tangent at Q (a variable point). Show that the max area of triangle PQR is [3 (3)1/2  / 8 ] a2.

Ques2) If f '' (x) + f ' (x)  + f 2(x) = x 2 be the differential equation of a curve and let P be the point of maxima , then show that the number of tangents which can be drwn from P to x 2 -  y 2  is 2.

Ques3) If a differentiable function f (x) has  arelative minimum at x = 0, then the function y = f(x) = ax2+bx+c has a relative minimum at x=0, then which of the following is / are correct :-

(a) b = 0 , all a            (b) b=0, a> -(1/2) f ' (0)    (c) a=0, b=0        (d) a=0 , b=0, c=2.

8 years ago

Answers : (2)

prashant kumar
16 Points
8 years ago
Askiitian.Expert Rajat
24 Points

Hi Tushar

Please post different questions in a different post, i.e., one question per post.




8 years ago
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