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ravi pratap Grade: 12


 What do you mean by Implicit Differentiation ?

Also Give me some example please.

9 years ago

Answers : (1)

swati shrivastav
8 Points


An implicit function of x and y is a function in which one of the variables is not directly expressed in terms of the other. In other words, you use implicit differentiation when both x and y are on the same side. To implicitly differentiate an implicit function follow the steps below.

1. Apply all differentiation rules. Except to y.
y3 - x2 = -5
y3 - 2x = 0

2. Then differentiate the y's in regard to x. In turn you add a y prime to the differentiated y's.

3y2y' -2x = 0

3. Now factor out any y primes. Hint. In this example there are none.

4. Lastly, place all the y primes on one side.

y' = (2x) / (3y2)

9 years ago
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