wht is the minimum rank in iit jee advance to get admission in iit mumbai or in delhi?

wht is the minimum rank in iit jee advance to get admission in iit mumbai or in delhi?

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askIITians Faculty 2095 Points
4 years ago
Dear student,

The two IITs asked about are amongst the toughest ones to get admission into. The 4 year courses in these IITs are reserved only for the topmost ranks uptil 2000. However a few courses like Textile Engineering and B.Sc. courses and Integrated Bachelor’s-Master’s courses are possible to get admissions into uptil around 3500 rank.
Ayush Anand
126 Points
4 years ago
For iit delhi it is as follows (these are trends of last year ) Opening rank-closing rankBiotechnology and Biochemical Engineering 2858 3860Chemical Engineering 949 1780Civil Engineering 1341 2869Computer Science and Engineering 3 104Electrical Engineering 226 416Electrical Engineering (Power and Automation) 467 928Engineering Physics 1244 2433Mathematics and Computing 207 329Mechanical Engineering 445 944Production and Industrial Engineering 1694 2637Textile Technology 3481 5161For iit bombay, last year were Opening. -. Closing Aerospace Engineering 749 2036Chemical Engineering 830 1507Civil Engineering 1046 2308Computer Science and Engineering 1 62Electrical Engineering 74 266Engineering Physics 64 1223Mechanical Engineering 297 738Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science 1600 3039These are for btech, you can view internet for other courses too.

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