Which is better? Electronics or Electronics and instrumentation

Which is better?
Electronics or Electronics and instrumentation

Grade:12th pass

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Deepak Kumar Shringi
askIITians Faculty 4407 Points
4 years ago
Career wise, though ECE being far more popular than EIE, I believe EIE has more career scope in India than ECE.
1. An instrumentation engineer is basically needed in every industry as every industry is somehow or the other instrument based. Instrumentation engineers have almost the same exposure as EE students.
2. Lesser competition in all India exams like GATE, as there are few people taking up this course and fewer colleges giving this degree.
3. EIE students can sit for almost all core sector jobs, except chemical or civil (Ex: NHAI). But ECE students aren't preferred in electrical and other core backgrounds and since there are few communication based core companies in India (except biggies likeBSNL, Airteletc.), there chances become less.
4. If not anything else, EIE students can also go for software industries, which is basically open to every stream.

1. Although as I mentioned the competition is less, the seats for higher studies in Instrumentation are also less and in some core sectors EIE seats are lesser than compared to other core fields (not always).
2. The subjects are very theory based with lots of diagrams at work. So if you aren't good at elaborating things which you have understood (as is the case with me), your grades may take a hit in those subjects.

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