What is the branch `SYSTEM SCIENCE` at IIT Jodhpur?

What is the branch `SYSTEM SCIENCE` at IIT Jodhpur?

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Rinkoo Gupta
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9 years ago

Systems Scienceis the branch that specialises in study and application of general methods of problem solving and general principles governing systems of widely different disciplines like Computer Science, Mechanical or Electrical. A holisticsystems approachfor development of hardware and software components will lead to superior user friendly products.
This requires synergetic integration of mechanical design, electrical circuit implementation, cognitive user inteSo what do we have on board?

* Systems Thinkingas a sustainable solution to inter-disciplinary problems.
* Technical Skillsfor development, manufacturing, deployment and operations for systems, products and processes.
* Management decisionmaking process andrisk management.rface and software development. But anew branchfor it


Students learn robust approach tosystems designand implementation withgood mathematicalandcomputational rigour.
Sneak-peek of ourCourses
* Probability and Stochastic Processes
* Digital Signal Processing and Networks
* Systems Engineeringand* Dynamical Systems
* Operation Research and Optimization
* Social Network Communities & Business Dynamics
* Systems Designand* Risk & Uncertainity Modelling

There's evenmore
* Cognitive Science
and* Embedded Systems Design
* Statistical Methods
and* Stochastic Methods of Finance
* Data Mining & Machine Learning
* Large Scale Numerical Simulations
* Systems Psychology
and* Computational Systems Biology

Additionally, students can opt for multiple electives and core courses from other branches to gain expertise in a particular field.

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Rinkoo Gupta

AskIITians faculty

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9 years ago
Thanks...and can you tell me something about admission in IIIT Kota, its reqd. criteria?
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9 years ago
it’s a good branch,what is your expected rank?

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