what is an iitian and what to do to become an iitian

what is an iitian and what to do to become an iitian 


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Amritpal Singh Saini
134 Points
4 years ago
Dear student, IIT`IAN is a person who has more and good knowledge and skills as compared to another engineers! We often see that IIT colleges are absolutely great as compared to other , the teaching style , staff members etc... The first preference is always given to an IIT`ian if there is to be chosen a single guy from IIT`ian and normal engineer)To become an IIT`ian u need to get selected in JEE MAINS and ADVANCED as well with a good score and good knowledge! In India there are 19 colleges of IIT! If u score good and get selected in JEE ADVANCED u will be surely getting into it ! (Please do approve my answer )
Shubham Kumar
54 Points
4 years ago
an iitian is a term used for any person who does his graduation , post graduation or masters from any of the iit in india.

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