sir please suggest What should be the preference iit or course

sir please suggest What should be the preference iit or course

Grade:12th pass

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Abhishek Singh
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6 years ago
see you need to hv a balance of both, try to get in the 7 zonal iit.
But remember dont compromise on the branch because you are going to be recognised by your branch and your life depen on it, so first priority is branch
Umakant biswal
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6 years ago
@ muskan 
the main thing is the branch , as in most of the time , the college doesnot matter a lot , but its depend upon how strong your resume are .. 
i hv a example case of that also , let me to explain it here as well ., 
in 2014 , one of my seniors studies in iit kharagpur in information tech branch , and anathor guy was studying in iit patna comp. sci branch . 
even now , what i knows latest , iit patna one got the high salary package , than iit kharagpur , so, what matters most is the branch , and also even u need to choose betrween the top most iits , 
so, whatever option avaliable to you , choose it , but donot think to compromise with branch .. 

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