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Sir I got 1043 rank in jee adv plc suggest chemical or engin. physics or mathematics computing.

Sir I got 1043 rank in jee adv plc suggest chemical or engin. physics or mathematics computing.

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

Aneesh Sehgal
955 Points
5 years ago
Dear Muskan, let me tell you honestly that in terms of placements, both are comparable. Higher studies after an Dual degree is always advantageous as one has more coursework, projects etc. So in case one is looking for placements, the B tech would be great as you would get to start working a year earlier. In case you are looking at higher studies, the 4-5 year difference does not matter at all! You should take the course you like rather than the length of the program.In case you are not happy with the institution, then you may pick any one out of these as well – CMR Technical Campus, Hyderabad,....................J B Institute of Technology, Dehradun,.......................Apex Group of Institutions, Sitapua,Jaipur,.....................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara
Umakant biswal
5359 Points
5 years ago
@ muskan 
Go for engg physics , as this is the most best placement jobs, u can get job in research field in iisc or iiser . 
but engg physics is little bit complicated as it involves brain teasing in physics , but if u like physics then u must have to go for it . 
i can guarentee than a very less student approach for engg physics , but 95 percent of tham get a good placement with vast salary package , 
its actually a mixing of EEE AND ECE . 
so, better go for it . 
u can keep chemical for 2nd preference 

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