Hi.i wanted to ask your opinion that should I Go for mechanical engineering in a new iit or civil in an older one.

Hi.i wanted to ask your opinion that should I Go for mechanical engineering in a new iit or civil in an older one.


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Vasanth SR
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6 years ago
Mechanical is good in IIT Madras and ranked 1stamong the other institutes

Undoubtedly the most prestigious institute in India to pursue ME/MTECH is IISC.
GOOD side
Many directors’ quality academicians of IITs and expert professors all over India are from here only. Whenever a core branch problem of national importance arises in India these are the guys first sort after by the government.
They get international level exposures and even though the placement is pathetic, you will within 10-20 years be the top expert in your field undoubtedly in the country. Here the branch doesn’t really matter as the placements are very poor, but you will be acknowledged well in Indian academicians. So basically research oriented institute,
If ever an IIT BTECH would be interested in pursuing higher studies in MTECH in India it would be IISC. The quality is still undiminished because of highly meritious teaching

IISC is the best-if you are interested in research
After graduation most of them are –
· Board member of prestigious research institute of India.
· Scientist of high caliber
· Directors in IITs
· professor in IITs, which is very prestigious or more
· in foreign universities which is respected as well as handsomely rewarding.
· Well known engineers which is comparatively quite less.
· Professor or HOD in under 50 ranked famous colleges

Flip side
Normally for civil top branches such as structures, aerospace satellite technologies are filled within 15-20 rank. Other branches take up to 60-70. So the IISC is for only those within 100 rank guys to think.
The main problem is unlike IITs here a strong fundamental is prerequisite. Even if you get top rank in GATE it doesn’t mean you have a strong fundamental than guys with lower ranks. It’s seen that those people with low rank like about 2300, (eg. my friend) recently got selected in IES and is currently working and those with high rank in gate won’t make it to last level.
I had also come across the story of a guy in mechanical engineering who got top rank, getting admission into IISC and later before completing even one year he withdrew and again wrote gate and went to IIT Kanpur. Reason-he couldn’t cope up with the math in IISC and was fed up with torture and his lack of fundamentals. Can’t validate this story however, as this was told to me by a professor and me myself don’t know.

IIT Bombay has been on top engineering colleges in India consistently. The world ranking is also in its favor. Also the toppers in IIT JEE psychologically prefer IIT Bombay over other IITS. Being in Bombay gives many research and job opportunities that is lacking in other may seeprevious cut off.
Transportation branch is considered best in all IITS. Structures is also good. Placements quite less for other branches. Environmental and water resources are okay. A placement of 80% is claimed here for civil engineering MTECHS.

geotech is less preferred here among all the IITS. But make no mistake, the lowest seat filled were well below 300 rank in geotech. A very high ranker and comparatively low ranker in GATE can get in due to interview and written test. A rank as low as 900 in general have fetched seat in water resources and still less ranker for environmental engineering. It varies year to year. Choosing the first branch in according to your rank is crucial here. Here you have to forecast unlike IIT madras where you just have to give the list of preference in usual preference order.

One of the prestigious institutes in INDIA. Infrastructures are slightly better than other IITs in civil branch. A much respected institute particularly in UAE, Singapore.

IIT madras is for high gate scorers only. By not giving interviews even low preference branches are highly ranked compared to kharagpur and roorkee which follow same principle with a difference that they announce late.
Placements are marginally less compared to Bombay and Delhi.

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