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Civil vs Chemical vs Aerospace in IIT mumbai.......what is better... mainly between civin and chemical in mumbai

Civil vs Chemical vs Aerospace   in IIT mumbai.......what is better...
mainly between civin and chemical in mumbai


2 Answers

Vineet Vinayak
22 Points
7 years ago
first go by which branch you like. check out whether you like civil or chemical or aerospace. then it would be easier. depends on whether you want to remain an engineer after 4 years, or want to do upsc or want to go for CAT or simply want to earn money. civil and chemical is full of mugging up and will be very irritating unless you seriously want to pursue it. avoid them if you seriously love engi but arent sure of which field. take it if you are trying for upsc or cat, as it will get light by the 3rd year. i personally love aerospace, so it was natural for me to take it. it looks like you are judging the branches on placements. don’t do that unless your ultimate aim is to make money and get dead bored for the next 4 years. You are obviously not genuinely interested in civ or chem, so i would tell you to go for aerospace then chem then civil if you want to enjoy your stay at IIT and become a real engi. if you are looking for money, maybe civil is good compared to chemical. chemical is more wanted in the gulf and US not in india, so it has slightly lower placements. for upsc or cat purposes, take either civ or chem. aerospace is only for true enthusiasts.
all the best
12 Points
7 years ago
thanks a lo brother

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