is iit architecture good? im an sc .so i would like to know the rank range for SC's in iit architecture.

is iit architecture good? im an sc .so i would like to know the rank range for SC's in iit architecture. 


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Dear sravyaramesh

For archetecture in IIT JEE your rank in SC categeory should be around 775 .

The role and importance of an architect in society has been acknowledged since time immemorial, and assumes special significance in today’s world when buildings and spaces serve complex and diverse functions.

Apart from the option of independent practice or expert consultancy, an architect may gain employment in professional
consulting or construction firms, private, public or government organizations, as well as pursue higher research and teaching
careers. The avenues of higher studies and research open to a graduate architect are also wide ranging. The related research
areas include urban design, interior design, landscape design,industrial product design, city and regional planning,
transportation planning, environmental planning, heritage and conservation studies, sociological aspects of the human-built
environment interface, digital art and visual communication, and computer applications (design software programming, decision
support systems and artificial intelligence).

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