should i take iit roorkee chemical 4 yrs bit pilani electrical delhi techno univ electrical mains rank 2052 advanced rank 3019 bit score 346

should i take

iit  roorkee  chemical 4 yrs

bit pilani  electrical

delhi techno univ  electrical

mains rank 2052   advanced rank 3019   bit score 346



1 Answers

Arun Kumar IIT Delhi
askIITians Faculty 256 Points
10 years ago
i'll tell you about bit pilani and iit roorkee because the third is same as electrical and electrical is not a good enough branch to join in other than iits if it were CS you could consider delhi techno university

if you are interested in studying electrical go for BITS pilani because studying chemical would be a nightmare for you if dont actually like it

go for bits anyways .. if you like electrical....
placements are almost same in the options you gave

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