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I am expecting a rank around 4000. is it a good rank to join. what branches can i opt

I am expecting a rank around 4000. is it a good rank to join. what branches can i opt


2 Answers

himanshu saluja
5 Points
9 years ago

hello bhavya

expecting a 4000 rank is very good rank 

it is very good rank to join iit u may get  comp science in new iits i.e. iit ropar, rajasthan mandi gandhinagar

comp science is most in demand nd very bright future one thing i want to tell you is that these are new colleges now bt when you will study and leave the college, after four years  thesr will not be counted as new colleges started to compare with old iit

so i advice you to go for this. 

wish you all the best

Vicky Agarwal
31 Points
9 years ago

At 4000, u may submit your submit your choices for first counselling. If u get a favourable branch, go for 2nd round (where ur choice surely improves) else u can drop a year in case of a freshie.

Its advised not to prefer new IITs over IT-BHU as new IITs have got nill infrastructure which shall be ready only after u have graduated and also IT-BHU will soon be an IIT once the bill is cleared in Rajya Sabha. It has already been approved by Lok Sabha and degrees are pending for two batches till the bill is not passes.

Its also advised to go for a core branch or semi-core branch over a specialised stream bcoz that helps in the long run.

Check the JEE webiste for the available branches. there are many branches available at this rank.

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