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What are the job prospects of biotechnology from IIT Kharagpur.

What are the job prospects of biotechnology from IIT Kharagpur.


3 Answers

manu saxena
46 Points
10 years ago

Dear Ashi, Students of IIT Kharagpur have a preference for IT and financial sectors when it comes to placements. Till date, organizations in the core industry functions such as IT, research and development and manufacturing have been the main recruiters at IIT Kharagpur.

Ashi Agarwal
4 Points
10 years ago

Thanks for ur ws a great help...well in tat case hw is Bsc in Maths and Computing placements wise.

Is it that with biotechnology one usualy lands up wd research and hardly any industrial placements...

Ankesh Anand
4 Points
10 years ago

A Btech or Mtech degree will help u far more than an MSc degree.So go for IIt KGP ocean and naval or roorkee metallurgy if u are getting them rather IIT KGP maths and computing. This year Schlumberger offered packages of above 20 lakhs to IIt roorke metallurgy and IIt KGP Ocean students

Best of luck

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