should i take mininng in kharaghpur or ece in bhuvaneshwar

should i take mininng in kharaghpur or ece in bhuvaneshwar


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Ashwin Sinha
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13 years ago

Dear Nagendra,

U should opt Bhubeneshwar, as u r getting creamy branch!!!!! In Kharagpur, mining is not good enough.  If mining, then goto ISM-Dhanbad!!!!!!!!


                                   Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!



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Siddharth Thandra AskiitiansExpert-IIT
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13 years ago


Dear Nagendra,

If you are really interested in ece please do go ahead with bhuvaneshwar. But from my personal experience at IIT Kharagpur, if you are looking for a good job then IIT Kharagpur is a place to be because many companies which come to IIT Kharagpur will never visit Bhuvaneshwar for recruitment. Moreover, the infrastucture at bhuvaneshwar is not in place right now so you have to compromise on a lot on practical stuff. It very rarely happenes that you would end up with  job which is related to your field. So do not worry about the stream. Just look into how many options would open up to you just by choosing one of the world renowned institutes like IIT Kharagpur. 

All the best. Its your decision to take. Hope it was helpful. All the best for your future endevours.

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