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ceremic or chemical in bhu is better than petroleum in ism dhanbad

ceremic or chemical in bhu is better than petroleum in ism dhanbad


1 Answers

Kishore IIT Bombay
48 Points
11 years ago

Dear Upen Paswan,

                                 Both branches are damn good for placements mostly in arab countires so first of all decide in which institute you want tp go bcoz in both the branches the subject is almost common that is chemistry and chemicals...but ISM dhanbad is extreally good for mining and you may place in very good company in mining and  also if you want to go for higher studies u may get in earth sicnceso there is a very good scope in research and development..but chemical branch is really very good for placments..

So as per me if you give 1st prefernece to branch means ifit is chemical means go for it but if it is creamics means go for petroleum in  ISM DHANBAD...

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All the best..


kishore-IIT bombay

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