detailed explanation on aerospace would be appreciated. Thank you.

detailed explanation on aerospace would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Kishore IIT Bombay
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13 years ago

Hi aryan Kumar,

                          Generally so many people think that Aerospace means very highfy and the students see Geographic channel and they expect so much and come to IIT..After getting in to IIT-Aerospace they dont get scope of aerospace i mean subjects are really nice and professors are also good but the students think aerospace means very high so they will loss interest but as per me Aerospace will damn good stream and where there will be a lot of scope of Research in aerospace field and the placements are also decent like DRDO,HAL,Airbus types..and dont compare the packages with other streams..If you are really interested in aerospace means there will be very gud scope of research types..Many of my friends after B-tech in Aerospace stream went for higher studeis for thier research like Phd in MIT,Purdue universities...Finally Aerospace means it is almost next level of Mechanical Branch where there will be great scope of research work..

All the best,


Kishore-IIT Bombay


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